Battle of France Ends - 1944

Nov. 8 - Ike ordered broad offensive; main HQ at Versailles, advanced HQ at Reims

Metz liberated - German officer captured, ILN 12/2/44
"A Nazi soldier, heavily armed, carries ammunition boxes forward with companion in territory taken by their counteroffensive in this scene from captured German film." Belgium, 12/44 from Patch/NA - bg

Pvt. 1st Class. Margerum, Philadelphia, PA, walks the road through a peaceful forest in the Bastogne area, as he returns from the front lines. Belgium or Luxembourg., 12/27/44, from NA

Hitler's "Bulge" offensive
from Time, 12/44

Allied December plans

German December plans

Battle of the Bulge Dec. 16-31

101st Airborne McAuliffe: "Nuts!"

Ike's response to Bulge attack

Dec. 22 - Patton began to turn his army 90 degrees to north

Dec. 23 - weather change allowed air power and supply

Dec. 27 - Autumn Mist stopped at Celles

Monty delayed attack until Jan. 3

"Counterattack Clipped" map from Time, 1945/01/08

15 September - 7 November 1944 1944 from USMA
8 November - 15 December 1944 from USMA
15 December 1944 from USMA

Films & Newsreels


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