The War of Attrition - 1944

Marlene Dietrich autographs the cast on the leg of Earl E. McFarland at U.S. hospital in Belgium, 11/24/44, from Patch-NA

Lorraine campaign

"Battle Rages Along Nazi Wall," Universal 17-333 newsreel, 9/28/44 on DVD54

Arrancourt Sept 19-22 - U.S. destroyed 43 tanks, lost only 5

Gremecey Forest end Sept. - Germany attacked salient of Patton's army

October Pause


Corporal Charles H. Johnson of the 783rd Military Police Battalion, waves on a "Red Ball Express" motor convoy rushing priority materiel to the forward areas, near Alencon, France, 1944/9/5, from Patch-NA
Mulberry harbor at Normandy, aerial view, from ILN 1944/10/28
Mulberry harbor at Normandy, from ILN 1944/10/28
Allied vehicles ready to roll, from ILN 1944/09/02

Political Problems

Photo taken at the instant bullets from a French firing squad in Rennes hit a Frenchman who collaborated with the Germans 11/21/44, from Patch/NA

Sept. 12-16 - 2nd Quebec

Oct. 8 - Churchill met Stalin, carved up the Balkans

Oct. 22 - Allies recognized deGaulle

Ike prepared for a war of attrition with 3 army groups:

  1. Jacob Devers & 6th Army Group - active Sept. 15, 1944
    • stopped at Colmar pocket
    • to include Alex Patch & 7th Army
  2. Monty & 21st group
  3. Bradley and 12th group, including new 9th Army of Wm Simpson
    • Oct. 21 - fall of Aachen to 1st Army - 1st major German city

Ike used all available manpower

Nov. 6 election - FDR won 4th term over Dewey

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