The Crusade for Europe Begins

Newsweek 1/03/44
Ike with troops
from ILN 1944/02/26
General Patton from
ILN cover 1944/08/26
fake trucks, photo in
D-Day Museum
gliders on D-Day,
from ILN 1944/06/17

Teheran - "Overlord in May"

FORTITUDE, the deception plan:

SHAEF, the Command of OVERLORD:

Ike's decisions:

Buildup in England:

May 30 - troops began to load in England

June 3 - Capt. James Stagg predicted bad weather

June 5 - Ike ordered "OK, we'll go" in 24 hours when Stagg predicted clearing

10:15 - "Wound my heart with a monotonous languor" was the BBC radio cue for French resistance

10:30 - 101st Screaming Eagles paratroopers finished takeoff and began jumping at 1:15 am

Ike visited airfield: "Good luck to you tonight, soldier"

Normandy invasion, map from ILN 1944/06/17 - bg

June 6 - the "Longest Day" began

6:30 a.m. - landings began along 100 miles at 5 beaches

82nd & 101st Airborne land 16,000 on west flank and British 6th Airborne land 8,000 on east flank

Rangers destroyed large German guns on high cliffs of Pointe du Hoc

German armor sketch - armored halftrack towing pillbox,
from ILN 1944/08/12
US soldier on D-Day,
from ILN 1944/06/17

Rommel rushed German armor to reinforce Normandy

Allied aircraft flew 10,500 sorties

British lost 4000 casualties on D-Day

U.S. lost 1465 dead, 1928 missing, 3184 wounded

Battle of the Beachhead until July 25

D+6 map
from Time, 1944
2 U.S forces joined at Caretan by June 12
from ILN 1944/09/02
D+13 map,
from Time, 1944

June 13 - first V-1 hit London

[View of a V-1 rocket inflight from NA]

Road to Warsaw
from Time, 1944 -

June 22 - Stalin began BAGRATION

June 27 - Cherbourg port taken

July 3 - Bradley failed to take Coutances

air bombardment
from NA 1944

July 5 - Ike visited front, drove jeep, flew over lines

July 18 - Churchill did order Monty

Allies won "battle of the beachhead"

hedgerow cutter
from NA 1944

COBRA began July 25

Armored Punch
from Time, 1944

July 25 - 1887 bombers flew sorties for 3 hours

July 25 - the Breakout

German response:

from Time, 1944
from ILN 1944/07

Aug. 1 - Patton's new Third Army took Avranches

Battle of Falais destroyed the German defending army

black sky near Caen, smoke from bombing, from ILN 1944/08/19
Allied truck burns from German shell on road to Falais from ILN 1944/08/19
Canadian troops advance on Falaise road as German tanks burn, from ILN 1944/08/19
flail tank cleans road for engineers, from ILN 1944/08/19

Aug. 7 - op. LUTTICH began - 200 tanks attacked Bradley's 1st Army on the flank at Mortain down the valley of the river See

Aug. 8 - Canadians took Falaise road, Eisenhower and Montgomery proposed "short hook" to envelop the German attackers at Falaise, Patton turned north from Le Mans in an American version of "blitzkrieg"

Battle of France
from Time, 1944

Aug. 13 - Bradley turned Patton north but then ordered him to stop

Aug. 15 - Kluge's staff car straffed

Battle of France began after Falaise Gap closed

June 6 from USMA

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