New Approaches in 1944

Bing Crosby sings to troops at the opening of the London stage door canteen in Piccadilly, London, 1944, from NA
Glenn Miller Band at Pacific Square Ball Room in San Diego 1944/06/05, from SDHS

"Third Front" established by Jan 1, 1944

map in ILN 6/15/40
Tito & Popovic of Yugoslav Partisan 1st Army, ILN 4/15/44
3 Fronts in Europe, Newsweek 1944/01/03

The war in Italy and the peripheral strategy of the early war would fail to achieve victory. New approaches for the European war in 1944 would include expansion of the air war and the CBO, more supplies to Stalin through the Iran and Mideast Lend-Lease routes, expansion of bases and air routes in South America and Africa, the Presque Isle base, more aid to resistance groups in Yugoslavia and Greece, the buildup for D-Day and the invasion of France, the application of the strategy of attrition, the development of new weapons such as the B-29 and the Manhattan Project, greater use of women and Native American and African American soldiers, the improvement of troop morale with Betty Grable, and Glenn Miller, and Irving Berlin, and the establishment of USO centers such as the North Platte Canteen.

Map of Eastern Front 1944 "At Hitler's Throat" from Time 1944/01/30
Map of Eastern Front 1944 - "Roads to Warsaw" compared to 1920 invasion routes of Russia, from Time 1944/02
4 fronts in Europe, especially the northern front and Norway, Time 1944/09
Native-American Code Talkers, from NSA
Majdanek - 1st pics of extermination camp near Lublin, ILN 1944/10/14
Zyklon gas at Majdanek, ILN 1944/10/14
Churchill in Moscow with Stalin 1944/10/30, from Time


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