Big 3 at Teheran

FDR left U.S. Nov. 11, 1943, on battleship USS Iowa to attend Cairo conference in Mena House hotel near pyramids in Egypt Nov. 23-26; Harry Hopkins feared Russia would join with British against U.S. due to successes on Eastern front after Stalingrad and Kursk; George Marshall feared British Mediterranean plans: "not one U. S. soldier should die for Rhodes." Chiang Kai-shek at Cairo feared growing influence of Russia and declining aid to China. After 4 days in Egypt, FDR and Churchill travelled by airplane on Nov. 27 to Teheran, flying over Palestine and Iraq and Iran. They were still divided on strategy, and this division would be exploited by Stalin at the 10th major conference of WWII at Teheran.

Stalin, FDR, Churchill at Teheran, from ILN 12/11/1943
Stalin, FDR, Churchill at Teheran, from ILN 12/11/1943

Churchill gives Stalingrad sword to Stalin, from Time 12/11/1943
FDR holds Stalingrad Sword presented to Stalin at Teheran, from Newsweek, 12/20/1943
FDR receiving Stalingrad sword

Man of the Year
from Time 01/1943
Trouble Spots
from Time 05/1943
Carl Spaatz from USAF Museum

Teheran Conference Nov. 28-Dec. 1

2nd Cairo Conference Nov. 28-Dec. 1

Lend-Lease 12/6/1943
East Prussia "Junkerland" and Koenigsburg, 08/1944 from Time - bg
Turkey 12/1943

Eastern Front 2/1943
Eastern Front 8/1943
Eastern Front 9/1943

Newsweek map 12/6/1943
Newsweek map 12/6/1943
Newsweek map 12/6/1943

1/6 of Earth 3/29/1943
bombers range 10/11/1943
Time map 8/1944


Air War

Iran and Turkey and Iraq and Egypt and Palestine

Fireside Chat Dec. 24, 1943

Mission to Moscow film released April 1943; Battle of Russia film released Oct. 1943

Iowa-class battleship

New Approaches in 1944 and aid to Tito's "3rd Front"

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