Churchill or Stalin? - Europe 1942

FDR receives Molotov at White House
from FDRL

May 29 - FDR promised Molotov a Second Front "this year"

June 20 - 2nd Washington conference began at Hyde Park

June 21 - fall of Tobruk to the Afrika Corps (under Rommel since El Agheila in Feb.)

Rommel in pictures taken from a German prisoner
from ILN 1942/04/18
German Mark IV tank
from ILN 1942/10/10
El Alamein
from ILN 1942/8/3

Ike in Life magazine

July 7 - Paulus took the "hinge of Voronezh"

July 22 - TORCH decision - "blackest day in history" (Ike)

Aug. 7 - Guadalcanal landings began.

Aug. 12 - Churchill flew to Moscow to meet with Stalin

Aug. 13 - Monty took command of the 8th Army, replaced Auchinleck Aug. 15, began preparations for Britain's 3rd advance west in the Desert War.

Aug. 15 - Malta reinforced in preparation for TORCH. "In mid-August 'Operation Pedestal', the convoy which was to mark the turning point in Malta's fortunes was carried out. Known to the people of Malta as the 'Santa Marija' convoy, since it was concluded on the great feast of the Assumption of our Lady, 15 August, the story of Pedestal has been well documented (Peter Smith. Pedestal: The Malta Covoy of August 1942. Kimber 1970), in particular the saga of the tanker OHIO. The Malta Minesweeping Force paid a vital part in bringing the crippled tanker into Malta." (quote from Minesweeping at Malta)

Air War in Europe
Tunisia 1943/01/25
Tunisian stalemate

from ILN 1943/07/10
Giraud with British King George
in France 1940; has just escaped from
German prison, fled 200 miles to
Switzerland, went to see Petain in Vichy
from ILN cover 1942/05/09

Aug. 17 - 1st bombing raid of German forces at Rouen in France by American 8th Air Force

Aug. 19 - Dieppe raid failed.

Sept. 22 - Monty learned from Enigma that Rommel was removed to Germany due stomach ailment, replaced by Georg Stumme; he would return to North Africa Oct. 25 but too late to stop British attack Nov. 4 in south against weak Italian tanks, causing Rommel to disobey Hitler's "stand fast" order and retreat.

Sept. 25 - FDR dedicated Camp Pendleton - image

Oct. 14 - bloodiest day at Stalingrad

Oct. 23 - Robert Murphy persuaded Vichy in N. Africa to accept Giraud's authority

Nov. 3 - midterm elections in U.S. - Republicans gained some seats, but Democrats kept control of Congress

Nov. 4 - Monty's breakthrough at El Alamein

Nov. 8 - TORCH landings



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