Churchill's Plan - Europe 1942

The "scowling" portrait by Jousuf Karsh in Ottawa after Churchill's speech to the Canadian Parliament 12/30/1941
(photo from ILN 2/28/1942) - 1 2 3

Jan. 14 - ARCADIA in Washington ended - the third wartime conference

Churchill and FDR at ARCADIA
from ILN 1942/01/24
Churchill in siren suit
from ILN 1942/01/24
Churchill addresses joint session
(behind: Speaker William Cole, VP Henry Wallace)
at left: Senate Majority Leader Barkeley
from ILN 1941/12/26
V-sign after Argentia
from ILN 1941/08/30

Donald Nelson
from ILN 1942/01/24

Jan. 16 - Donald Nelson appointed to head the new centralized War Production Board to meet the goals established in FDR's Jan. 6 speech

"I have just sent a letter of directive to the appropriate departments and agencies of our Government, ordering that immediate steps be taken:

1. To increase our production rate of airplanes so rapidly that in this year, 1942, we shall produce 60,000 planes, 10,000 more than the goal set a year and a half ago. This includes 45,000 combat planes-bombers, dive bombers, pursuit planes. The rate of increase will be continued, so that next year, 1943 we shall produce 125,000 planes, including 100,000 combat planes.

2. To increase our production rate of tanks so rapidly that in this year, 1942, we shall produce 45,000 tanks; and to continue that increase so that next year, 1943, we shall produce 75,000 tanks.

3. To increase our production rate of anti-aircraft guns so rapidly that in this year, 1942, we shall produce 20,000 of them; and to continue that increase, so that next year, 1943, we shall produce 35,000 anti-aircraft guns.

4. To increase our production rate of merchant ships so rapidly that in this year, 1942, we shall build 8,000,000 deadweight tons as compared with a 1941 production of 1,100,000. We shall continue that increase so that next year, 1943, we shall build 10,000,000 tons."

Mobilization of the American economy produced theJeep by Willys Overland and Ford, 2.5-ton truck by Yellow and GM, DUKW by GM, FM radio from Edwin Armstrong and RCA, M1 rifle from John Garand in 1936, M1 carbine from David "Carbine" Williams, Liberty ships of Henry Kaiser, prefabricated and welded Destroyer Escorts, walkie-talkie by Al Gross

Autobiography of a Jeep
Priest 105mm tankbuster Jan. '42
Little Ships That Could
Studebaker truck from
1943 found in Russia 1998.

Jan. 23 - 1st of weekly Friday meetings of the Combined Chiefs of Staff (CCS) - began planning for GYMNAST = peripheral strategy in North Africa

British Defense Committee
1941/10 photo from Time - id
CCS from U.S. (Wm. Leahy) and Britain (Alan Brooke)
Joint Chiefs of Staff Arnold, Marshall, Leahy (Chief in July), King (replaced Stark in March)
1942/09 photo from FDRL - 2

Feb. 19 - Eisenhower appointed head of War Plans Division

US soldier in Britain
from ILN 1942/02/07
Axis-dominated countries in red - large
from Newsweek 1942/09/07
Hopkins and Marshall in London
from ILN 1942/04/18

Feb. 22 - Bomber Harris led British Bomber Command

Harris and Air Marshall Hugh Dowding in front of St Clement Danes, the central Church of the RAF in London - 1
Arthur Harris
from ILN 1942/06/06
B-17E with tail gun, test flight in Seattle
from ILN 1941/09/27

Feb. 23 - FDR Fireside Chat with map - "This is a new kind of war."

1942 map, from NYT

Mar. 11 - Cripps-Johnson mission to India

Louis Johnson
from ILN 1942/04/18
Gandhi "With His Feet in the Clouds"
from ILN 1942/04/18

April 1 - Patton established Desert Training Center near 29 Palms in California for 1st Armored Division

Patton in 1941
from Life, 1941/07/07
M3 Lee tanks in 1941
from Life, 1941/07/07
M3 Grant tanks in Africa 1942
from ILN 1942/06/13

M4 Sherman tank big
from ILN 1943/03/20
Sherman tank
at Patton Museum
Remains of Chapel
at Patton Museum

May 9 - US non-interference agreement with Vichy Martinique

May 10 - Churchill announced invasion of Vichy Madagascar

Vichy navy map
Miquelon & St. Pierre 1942/01/05
British Empire in Asia map
from ILN 1941/11/08
Oil routes in Mideast
from ILN 1941/11/22 - bg

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