Reagan 1984

"America is back and standing tall" and Reagan declared candidacy Jan. 29 at 10:55 pm, as instructed by White House astrologer Joan Quigley who was paid $3000 per month through Mary Jane Wicks.

Republicans sang songs such as God Bless the USA, but not Born in the USA

Reagan trips to China, Ballyporeen, Normandy; Jesse Jackson trips to Syria (freed Lt. Goodwin), Cuba (freed 48 prisoners).

Joan Quigley
Geraldine Ferraro 1984
Hart, Jackson, Mondale 1984
Hart, Donna Rice

"Yuppies for Hart" and Valley Girls (1982 Moon Zappa song hit, and "We Got the Beat" at the Sherman Oaks Galleria in the 1982 Cameron Crowe film Fast Times at Ridgemont High, and 1983 Nicholas Cage film Valley Girls) gave consumer culture support to Gary Hart who defeated Mondale in the New Hampshire primary, but Hart was ruined by scandal and Walter Mondale became the Democratic challenger.

Mondale and Ferraro won Democratic nomination in San Francisco.

Reagan and Bush won Republican nomination in Dallas.

President and Mrs. Reagan, Vice-President and Mrs. Bush at the Republican National Convention, Dallas 8/23/1984 (NLS-WHPO-C23559(7)) from NA
President Reagan giving his Acceptance Speech at the Republican National Convention, Dallas 8/23/1984 (NLS-WHPO-C23769(2)) from NA
Reagan and Bush at a welcoming rally at the Loews Anatoly hotel in Dallas, 8/22/1984 (C23663-23) from Reagan Library

NSC meeting June 25 with Reagan, Bush, Baker, Casey, McFarland - Reagan approved McFarland's plan to seek Saudi aid for contra Adolfo Calero

Contra funding cut off by Congress Oct. 12 with Boland amendment.

CIA's Casey shifted contra aid program to Robert McFarlane's NSC - Stage 2

Reagan-Gromyko talks

ATT broken up but deregulation continued: savings & loans banks, Conrail "privatized," music industry CD price-fixing allowed.

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