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Iran Crisis

Carter with Shah of Iran
Khoumeni 1979

1978 - Protests began in Iran, strikes cut oil production, closed banks and stores, Shah's military shot students at the university Nov. 4, mass marches Dec. 29 paralyzed the Shah's government.

Jan. 16, 1979 - Shah forced into exile

Feb. 1 - Ayatollah Khomeini returned to Iran

April 1 - creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Nov. 4 - Islamic militants took 52 Americans hostage inside the US embassy in Tehran, held for 444 days until Jan. 20, 1981

Nov. 17 - Iran freed black and female hostages.

Nov. 14 - Carter froze $25b. of Iran's assets in the U.S.

April 24, 1980 - rescue attempt "Operation Eagle Claw" failed at Desert 1 in remote Iran when a sandstorm diverted 3 of the 9 helicopters needed, a 4th was damaged on landing, and another helicopter collided with an airplane, killing 8.

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