Civil Defense
1962 poster

1916 - U. S. Army Appropriations Act established the Council of National Defense (CND) that coordinated state and local defense councils

1941 - FDR replaced the CND with the Office of Civilian Defense that coordinated a national network of 44 state and 1,000 local defense councils

1947 - National Security Act created the National Security Resources Board (NSRB) that advised the president on critical defense materials, began the development of CONELRAD, the emergency warning system, later became the Emergency Broadcast System (today's Emergency Alert System)

1948 - Office of Civil Defense Planning

1950 - Federal Civil Defense Act created the Office of Defense Mobilization (ODM) in the Executive Office of the President (EOP) - newsreel

1950 - Federal Civil Defense Administration (FCDA) within the OEM. Defense Production Administration created 1951 to assist FCDA. After Russia developed the A-bomb in 1949 and the Korean War began in June, the FCDA began a national school campaign including the film "Duck and Cover" with the animated Bert the Turtle.

1951 - In November, New York City conducted its first civil defense drill - newsreel

1953 - The Reorganization Plan of June 12 put the FCDA and NSRB under and expanded Office of Defense Mobilization (ODM) that took over the CONELRAD warning system

1958 - The Reorganization Plan of July 1 consolidated the ODM into a new Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization (ODCM). Due to Sputnik, new funding increased federal-local civil defense partnership programs

1957 bomb shelter

1961 - Office of Civil Defense in the DoD (Department of Defense)

1961 - Office of Emergency Planning

1964 - Office of Civil Defense, DoA (Department of the Army)

1968 - Office of Emergency Preparedness, EOP

1972 - Defense Civil Preparedness Agency, DoD

1979 - Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


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