Battle of Surigao Strait:

24-25 October 1944



“In the unearthly silence that followed the roar of Oldendorf’s 14” and 16” guns in Surigao Strait, one could imagine the ghosts of all great admirals, standing at attention to salute the passing of a kind of naval warfare they all understood.  For in the opening minutes of 25 October 1944, The Battle Line became obsolete as the row-galley tactics of centuries before.”       

Rear Admiral Samuel Eliot Morison

USS Phoenix (CL-46) Vice Admiral Kinkaid and General MacArthur taken 2/44, from NA












Looking through the gunsight of USS Phoenix (CL-46) on October 21,1944, with HMAS Shropshire (left) and HMAS Australia (right), Official USN photo from NA

Updated:  12/05/02
Chris England