The World Today January 5, 1942

World Today news program on CBS -- John Charles Daly, N.Y.: MacArthur gives Japan a setback; Japan new landings on Malaya; Russia continue advance; Allies pound Axis in N France./ Albert Warner, Wash.: US bomb Japan ships near Mindanao; 77th Congress opens; Feb 16 new draft registration date; Bridges deportation cancelled; civilian defense shakeup./ William J. Dunn, Batavia: Describes Netherlands alert./ Robert Trout, London: Japan active near Perak; Malta bombed; Axis propaganda tries to split Allies./ John Charles Daly, N. Y.: Russia advance in Crimea, take more towns near Moscow; Finland many quit war; antagonism between Petain, Berlin. 1942/01/05 Phonoarchive 2035